Devon Dorrity
Devon Dorrity

Devon Dorrity is a sculptor of fantastic beasts and beautiful creatures. His work has been included three times in Spectrum: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art. His monumental sized bronze sculpture, Queen of the Seas, was included in the Best of Spectrum Exhibit in New York City’s Museum of American Illustration. In 2014 he won the Chesley for Dimensional Art with Queen of the Seas.

Devon sculpts in oil-based clay, but prefers to cast his sculptures in bronze. The metal comes alive in the patina process and finishes the sculpture with an elegance he feels is missing in other mediums.

Fantastic beasts and beautiful creatures have always been the subjects of Devon’s imagination. Sculpting them is his way of bringing their magic to life. Devon takes great pride when the imaginations of others are awakened with his art.

Rudiments of Sculpture Masterclass

4-hour Master Class. $81.00
Class is limited to 20 students
Saturday, June 10th, 9am-1pm

In this four-hour Master Class, Devon Dorrity will go into great detail discussing types of clay, armature, tools and equipment you’ll need to get started in sculpture. Participants will receive their own clay, armature, and sculpture tool to work on a sample project during the class, which they will be able to keep.

Devon will instruct using basic and intermediate techniques of sculpting in general, but will put emphasis on sculpting human anatomy, particularly the head and face. Devon will discuss the business of sculpting and how to mold and cast sculptures in resin, plaster, and bronze. Although no prior experience is necessary, it is highly recommended that participants attend the Introduction to Sculpture class as well.

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