Heather Theurer
Heather’s paintings are the product of decades of observation of people, environments, animals and textiles. Although she was not able to obtain a formal education in art, all her studies of the natural world in addition to the works of great artists including the renaissance masters, the pre-raphaelites of the late 19th century and modern masters have influenced her work in a way she couldn’t imagine getting in a classroom.Themes in her work include religious symbolism, fantasy realism, equine and wildlife, and bold reworking of Disney characters.
Her process in painting is constantly morphing as she applies new techniques, but most often consists of a multitude of layers of paint and glazes—as many as 20 or so in some cases—to reach the desired depth and detail that dominates her work. In all of this, her aspiration is to inspire and uplift those who view her work and to reawaken the innate joy found in even the smallest elements of the earthly experience.
Shared and collected around the world, Heather Theurer’s paintings are constructed in the midst of a bustling family with five children in Portland, Oregon. Regardless of the challenges, her art has received the attention of USA Today, the LA Times, MTV and LDSLiving. It’s also garnered contracts with Disney and Fantasy Con, been featured on HGTV’s Brother vs. Brother, highlighted in prestigious shows such as POINT OF VISION: Celebrating Women Artists in Fantasy and Science Fiction with the Society of Illustrators and even posted on In addition, her artwork has received recognition and awards from respected organizations such as Art Renewal Center, Artist’s Magazine.

Art Master Class: The Process of Making a Creation

4-hour Master Class. $81.00
Class is limited to 16 students
Saturday, June 10th, 2 pm-6pm

Learn how to take the seeds and pieces of ideas all aspiring creatives have and turn them into finished Works. Heather Theurer will walk you through the process she takes to create her stunning products. Art is a journey much more than a destination. Learn not only how to get inspired, but the means of taking that inspiration and marching it along the path to a masterful creation.

A) Brainstorming and Generating Ideas
B) Doing Research and Gathering Resources
C) Working out compositions (thumbnails, sketches, concept drafts, etc)
D) Getting it done – completing your creation

Be sure to bring your sketchbook(s), art making materials, and (most importantly) your creativity.

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