Rob Carlos

Pacific Northwest artist Rob Carlos got his start illustrating for the Robert Jordan “Wheel of Time” card game in 1998, and has been working with book and game publishers ever since. After moving to Washington is 2001, Rob began to show his work at fantasy and sci-fi conventions, and participates in panel discussions where aspiring artists come to learn about what it takes to become part of this industry.

In the past year, Rob has taken on a position with Red Level Games as the art director for “Dragon- The Game,” a fantasy world RPG where the player gets to assume the role of a dragon that lives by its own code of rules and deals with the consequences. With dragons being a prevalent theme in Rob’s work, the game seems like a perfect fit!

With most of his work being created in the digital realm, Rob can most often be seen with one of his three cats (also known as house dragons) snuggled on his lap, under a Wacom tablet. They have had years to get accustomed to the arrangement, and these days, there is minimal complaining from either feline or human.

Master Class

Convincing Creature Design

4 Hour Master class $79
(includes general addmission)
Holiday sale $69
(ends Feb 15th 2018)
Class is limited to 18 students

When dealing with fantay and sci-fi representational art, the goal Is often to have the viewer accept the image as reality, despite the elements being imaginary. In this class, you will learn what to consider when trying to make your fantastic creatures believable to your audience. This includes anatomy, function, environmental factors, and reference to real-world counterparts.


Rob Carlos' Master Class: Creature Design

Rob Carlos' Master Class: Creature Design

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