To apply for the Fyrecon vendor room, please complete the following form. Space is limited; to ensure a wide selection of merchandise for attendees the vendors room will be curated and not first-come first-serve . Decisions on participating vendors will not be made immediately. You will be contact soon by our vendors room coordinator.

The vendors room will be just off the main lobby and will contain the art show and special events. The hours of the room are TBD.

The table size for vendors is 8 feet x 30 inches.  Cost per table is $55. The vendors room will be locked overnight. Applications for the vendor room are due by May 25, 2018.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please let us know.

Fyrecon 2 Vendor Application

Fyrecon 2 Vendor Application

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Vendor Tables are located in the Vendor/Art Show Room. This room is locked at night. Ideal for physical sales. Cost $55
Info Tables are located in immediately outside the Vendor/Art Show. These tables would not be locked at night. Items would need to be packed down and there is storage. Ideal for information sharing and not sales. Cost $15 does not include membership.

Authors Group Info

Due to space limitations Fyrecon cannot offer vendor room tables to individual authors. We do require groups of at least 4 authors. The names of the authors in the group can be enter or you can elect to be placed with a group of authors as available.
Please provide more detials on the types of crafts you would have for sale.
Please provide more detials on the types of goods you would have for sale.