Killer Elevator
Ever experience that moment when you realize you’re in an elevator with the agent or editor of your dreams and now is your chance to impress them? We haven’t either, but if that moment comes will you be prepared?

Fyrecon Presents:

Now is your chance to practice having to pitch in an instant with no prep time. Can you think on your feet? Will you freeze or will you be eaten by the elevator doors? Try out your skills in our low stake game where we give you an idea to present and the agents and editors to present it to. Who will make it to the last round and earn the coveted Killer Elevator prizes?

Rules and details coming soon.

Fyrecon 2 Killer Elevator Signup

Fyrecon 2 Killer Elevator Signup

Here you can submit your request to participate in pitch sessions for Fyrecon 1, June 8-10, 2017. Please complete the form below to begin the process.

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