Vendors will be listed here as they are confirmed for the show. 2018 vendors are still being confirmed.

Here are some of our vendors from 2017.

Zombie Nation

The Zombie Nation is the brain child of a madman with a poor grasp of reality and almost no impulse control. We love monster, zombies, unknowable eldritch horrors and cute fluffy bunnies with cuddly pink noses.We put those ideas screaming into a blender, whip it up to awesome, and what comes out is adorably evil. Adorably evil plushies, adorable evil books, adorably evil dragons, toys, art, prints and even more adorably evil….

Metallic Visions

Metallic Visions sell the art, Jewelry, and curios handmade by Bobbie Berendson W. Bobbie is inspired by all things fantastic from the creepy to the sublime. Our best known products are our coloring books of Bobbie’s Steampunk world, our many one-of-a-kind artistic jewelry sets, and our ever changing selection of Dragon Hatchling plastic 3D illustrated eggs. All our products are designed and handmade by our artist from miscellaneous materials produced across the world.

Hollands Hearts and Hands-Conferences are busy times. Take a moment to enjoy a relaxing massage so your mind can absorb all the information. Dianna Holland can be found in the Vendor’s Room Thursday and Friday.








Apply to be in the vendor room by clicking the link below.